Stator & rotor for Servo Motor

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Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Stator and rotor with Customizable
Material:Silicon Steel sheet
Stator size range:stator range 15~180mm
Rotor size range: 10~120mm
Production name: stator and rotor stack
Usage:DC & AV servo motor

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Stator and rotor Production Introduction:
This type of stator and rotor with interlock technology, which realized in the mold directly when stamped by progressive mold. Normally we use BAO STEEL, WU STEEL etc the famous brands material to make sure the stacks with perfect tolerance and performance.
We have different tonnage punch machines to meet different diameters requesment, such as 80T, 160T, 300T, 400T, 550T, 630T.
Some for high length stators , beside interlock, we adopt the buckles or welding on the out diameter to strength it.
95% of these products customized. At the beginning of the testing period, we can provide the stator and rotor samples by laser cutting or wire cutting.


Stamped by the progressive mold

CMM tests tolerance

Interlock inside the mould directly

Test length one by one by go-stop gauge

Stack again by the fixture tooling



Inspection of raw material01

Compound/Progressive mold

Assembly and debugging die

Feeding and stamping, then send the first piece of stator and rotor for inspection

Measure the size of the stator and rotor laminations with Micro Vu projector

After passing the inspection, stamping it normally, and patrol it once every two hours. Each time, a piece of stator or rotor is extracted for testing

Make stator and rotor stacks with laminations

Marking stator and rotor stacks( marking code complete, clear, no missing marking)

The slot is clean and tidy, and the buckle does not exceed the bottom of slot

The product surface is smooth, no warping tooth, warping piece, bruising, unpolished solder joint, no sundry

The products are free from rust, cracks, weld beading, garbage, wrong pieces, broken pieces and glue residue

The mark slot is error-free pieces

Keyway alignment, no error and deformation

Welding is free from desoldering, broken welding, missing welding, weld beading, steps, rust and protuberance of the outer circle

The reverse side of the product is no marking

Measure the size of the stator or rotor stack with Wenzel CMM

After passing the inspection, pack up for shipment


Stator and Rotor Technology


Application of stator and rotor for servo motor:
The output power of AC servo motor is 0.1-100W, and the power frequency is 50Hz, 400Hz, etc. It is widely used, such as automatic control, automatic recording and other systems, punch press, printing equipment, laser processing equipment, automatic production line and other equipments with higher requirements for process progress, processing efficiency and work reliability.
DC servo motors can be used in respark machines, manipulators, confidential machines, etc.
In these applications,our stator and rotor plays an important role.




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  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
    Brand Name:OEM & ODM
    Material:Silicon Steel sheet
    rotor range    10~120mm
    Product name:stator & rotor core lamination
    Application:Servo/Reluctance/Transportation/Hydrauli/Elevator/New energy
    Usage:DC Motor&AC Motor
    Manufacturing Type:Stamping Die
    Technical:High Precision
    Quality:100% Inspection
    Supply Ability:250000 Piece/Pieces per Month
    Packaging Details Non-wooden case with pallet

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