Treatment of stator and rotor core faults of high voltage motor

If the high voltage motor core fails, the eddy current will increase and the iron core will overheat, which will affect the normal operation of the motor.

1. Common faults of iron cores

The common faults of the iron core include: short circuit caused by stator winding short circuit or grounding, arc light burns the iron core, which damages the insulation between silicon steel sheets and causes short circuit; Loose iron core caused by poor fastening and motor vibration; The old winding is damaged due to improper operation when it is dismantled, and the core is damaged by mechanical force carelessly when it is overhauled.

2. Iron core repair

When the winding short circuit or grounding, arc burns the iron core, but not serious, can be repaired by the following methods: first clean the iron core, remove dust and oil, burn the melted local silicon steel sheet with a small file, polished flat, to eliminate the defects of the sheet and sheet melting together. Then the stator iron core near fault point ventilation slots, make the repair of silicon steel sheet have some leeway, then peel fault point of silicon steel sheet of the steel, silicon steel sheet will be burns on the carbide was removed, and then coated with silicon steel sheet varnish, into a layer of thin mica sheet, the ventilation of the tank in, keep the core tighten.

If the iron core burns on the teeth of the groove, simply file away the molten silicon steel. If the stability of the windings is affected, epoxy resin can be used to repair the missing part of the core.

When the ends of the iron core teeth are axially opened outwards and the pressure rings on both sides are not tight, a hole can be made in the center of the disks made of two steel plates (whose outer diameter is slightly less than the inner diameter of the ends of stator windings) and a stud can be threaded through to clamp both ends of the iron core and then tighten the stud to restore the core to its original shape. Slotted teeth can be straightened with straight nose pliers.

Post time: Jun-03-2019