3 Benefits Of Stator Laminations

A stator makes your engine even the world go round. During the rotation, the stator generates an electromagnetic field that flows from north pole to south pole and charges the engine’s battery. Have you even noticed that the stator core isn’t a piece of solid metal, but it’s segmented into laminations, which offer a number of advantages that keep your engine running at peak performance. Today let’s talk about the top four benefits of stator laminations.

1. Reduce eddy current
An eddy current refers to the voltage generated in the electromagnetic field of a stator core. The eddy current will lead to power loss and diminished performance. The stator laminations can reduce eddy current by insulating the core because thin silicon steel plates are stacked to prevent eddy current flow.

2. Reduce hysteresis loss
When the magnetization of the iron core lags behind the creation of the electromagnetic field, hysteresis occurs. Stator laminations have narrow hysteresis loops, requiring less energy to magnetize and demagnetize the core.

3. Cool the stator core
A solid piece of iron would not only emit large eddy currents, but the core would become hotter, and the amount of heat can melt the core completely. Laminating the stator, which means pumping air or hydrogen across the core structure, can reduce the eddy current and the heat it generates.

Laminated stators are essential component of the stator core. They’re heat and energy efficient, and produce less waste. You must find the best stator laminations from high quality servo motor stator core suppliers. Jiangyin Gator Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a perfect choice. It’s a comprehensive enterprise integrating mold manufacturing, silicon steel sheet stamping, motor assembly, production and sales. Gator can also help you with stator repair or find the perfect product to meet your needs.

Post time: Jun-24-2022